Why I Like Private Schools

Looking at various state schools here in our area we were rather disappointed, especially when it comes to sports.

To me it seems as if most public schools deliberately give sports a very low priority.

Those schools we looked at usually grant the students no more than a couple of hours for sports every week.

None of them offered anything for children who have an interest in playing in a soccer team or for those children who would like to take dance classes.

It was surprising to us to see that this was entirely different once we started to consider a private school. All of the private schools we looked at here in our area offered numerous sporting activities for the children, along with other great extracurricular activities, such as theatre groups.

It also seemed to me that most private schools have more modern sporting facilities that were better maintained than those we saw in public schools. Two of those public schools didn’t even have sports facilities!

Now, it might be the case that sports doesn’t play as big a role in your family. Then you may well be fine if you send your children to a public school. For my family however, sports is very important for a lot of reasons. First, we think that being active in sports is beneficial for the children’s health, secondly we think that sports can help them to grow up more responsible and helps teach them skills such as leadership, among others.

When I was a kid, I always loved playing soccer and basketball. I want my children have the same fun while they grow up. This is why I think that a private school is much better for them. At private school Cambridgeshire you can get more information.

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Are You a Nervous Traveler?

A lot of folks get rather nervous about what is supposed to be the most relaxing and fun time of the year. Those nervous travelers are plagued by nightmares about things such as missed flights, not having packed the right clothes or bad weather at their holiday destination.

Are you a nervous traveler?

If you happen to be one of those fellas who is anxious before you go on holiday you might want to check out those Tips for Nervous Travelers over at AOL.

There you can learn how to take the edge of those all too common concerns. Check it out! Those tips can help you to enjoy your travels without those worries!

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See the Singing Waiters When You Go to London!

No question, there’s a lot to do and to see in the British capital. The sheer number of clubs, restaurants, museums and theatres sure can make for almost endless entertainment, not only for Londoners but also for anyone who just visits the city for a short time.

secretsingers-birthday partyRecently I discovered something else altogether which I think you might want to check out if you’re in London or any other big city in the United Kingdom.

What I’m talking about is “Surprise Entertainment”.

If you are like me, chances are you have a whole bunch of friends where there is always someone who is getting married or someone else who wants to throw a really gigantic party.

It happens that surprise entertainment is all the hype recently, in particular for private parties and wedding receptions but also for various corporate events.

And when it comes to surprise entertainment it will not take long until someone mentions The Singing Waiters London. This is because The Singing Waiters London are simply the best surprise entertainers the city has today.

On the other hand, if you are not fortunate enough to get an invite to a wedding reception, say for this next spring, there’s also a good chance that you come across the singing waiters when you  visit one of the countless shopping centres in the capital. This is because the singing waiters are not only performing at parties or receptions, they are also known for their great flash mob performances. A lot of organisations or companies like flash more performances because they always great for PR. But flash mobs are also very popular for things like surprise wedding engagements.

So, if you happen to be in London UK make sure to check out The Singing Waiters. It will be an experience you will never forget, you can take my word there!

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Victoria Pendleton Returns to Yorkshire

Victoria Pendleton is returning to Yorkshire today. The track at Beverley is expecting to see a large number of visitors due to her presence.

pendletonThe 34-year-old is teaming up with Royal Etiquette this time. She said to the press that one of her goals is to take part in the Foxhunter Cheltenham next spring as well.

When we asked Lawney Hill, Royal Etiquette’s trainer she said that she believes that Victoria’s presence  at the race will be another great step for Pendleton.

Likewise, it will also be the first visit to the track for Hill. She told us that she was very impressed with how Victoria got on at Ripon hopes that she can further improve this time around.

“She’s looking forward to it, but it’s going to be a slight step up in grade because she isn’t against novice riders this time – she’ll be facing fully-fledged amateurs with more experience than her. But you can only improve by taking each step, so that’s what we’re doing. I’d love to say Royal Etiquette has a good chance but it’s a more difficult race because of the jockey factor. The lack of experience of riders at Ripon played into our hands when Victoria and the other horse went on, whereas I don’t think one would be allowed such an easy lead if that happened again, so I see the race panning out differently. A similar result would be ideal.” she was quoted saying.

The above horse racing news are brought to you by the UK’s Horseracing Pro who can provide you with tips for horse racing that actually work!

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Tips On Making Your Office And Workspace Healthier

This is a really cool and helpful article I found at over at the Creative Boom. It is about how you can make your workspace healthier and more productive. The article lists 10 tips for you what you can do to make working easier and healthier.

ergonomic-chair-1Some things you might possibly already have heard of, such as how beneficial an ergonomic chair or ergonomic office desk can actually be! Other tips might be less obvious, such as the tip to get yourself a “Sun” or “SAD” light for your workplace. It’s such often overlooked things that can also dramatically improve your health and I mean this mentally and physiologically!

When was the last time you checked your office space whether it’s actually ergonomic? This would be something highly recommended since a more ergonomic work place can not only help to boost productivity and creativity, it can also keep away common health issues such as back pains and other conditions! So check the article out, your health and well-being should be worth it!



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On Sports Apprenticeships In London


It’s not always easy to get the job you wanted and this is certainly true if you live in the United Kingdom and in particular in our capital. Most of the time, folks will spend a long time looking on the job market. In those career fields which are especially competitive, such as IT, the arts or sports, getting a job here in London can well mean having to look for several, if not many, months.

What can you do to get a job faster? How can you beat the countless competitors that are looking to get into the same job as you do?

If you’re looking for a career in sports, you should do what several of my buddies this and start it out by taking on an apprenticeship in London. This is far better time spent than looking for months on the job market since you will get experience during your apprenticeship which in-turn will benefit you to get a full-time job.

Sports apprenticeships as a “short-cut” to get into particular companies.

If you’re applying for jobs it may well happen that many firms tell you they don’t even hire. Or they have other reasons to be hesitant taking you on as an employee. With an apprenticeship you have the advantage that many firms will take you on regardless, even those companies which otherwise would not even hire. Seeing that almost all apprentices do get hired on at the end this is often a short-cut to get into those companies you have in mind.

If you need a way to find apprenticeships I recommend you use a service such as Career Map. This is a search engine for apprenticeships in the UK. It allows you to find sports apprenticeships in London in the same way as you would look for a job on other websites. So check it out, I can highly recommend it.

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On Electronic Invoicing

If you have a business and also love to travel like I do it can easily happen that every-day tasks, such as in regards to your office-related work can entirely overwhelm you. At some point you might see yourself unable to do those things you actually wanted or liked to do and you’ll be stuck with all sorts of tedious managing and organization work, unless of course you hire someone who can take this burden off you.

electronic-invoice-2On the other hand there are several things you can do to avoid such problems: Sometimes it’s things like having a daily plan of the things you want to get done and then follow it through, or using special software that can help you getting things done quicker and more efficiently.

I found that e-invoicing personally helped me most for my own small business to get back the time back I needed for what’s actually important for me.

It was as simple as that the entire invoicing process for my business took up way too much time and with it some unnecessary expenses too. Ever since I switched to e-invoices that I can simply email to my customers things are getting done a lot faster plus I don’t need to worry about lost mail and other such things.

What I especially like about e-invoicing is that I didn’t have to change anything in my own business to take advantage of them. I am still creating my invoices in the same way as before, with the only difference that I am now emailing them rather than sending them per snail-mail.

On average I’d say I save about an hour or more per day with this. For each and every week this means I gained pretty much an entire work day just from switching to e-invoicing. Seeing that this is so simple to do this is definitely more than worth it, no question.

So if you’re like me and like to get things done faster so you’ll have more time for those things that really count I really recommend you look into electronic invoicing! You can’t lose anything if you try it out for yourself – it doesn’t cost the world but has a whole lot of advantages.

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People Of Leeds Should Learn First Aid Says Lifesaver

Andrew Feely With Fellow Volunteers

Andrew Feely With Fellow Volunteers

Andrew Feely of Leeds certainly knows more than others how invaluable first aid knowledge can be:

Last New Year’s Eve at a party, he saved the life of Bill Wood who suddenly lost consciousness and stopped breathing.

For more than ten minutes, Mr Feely provided CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation – successfully!

His knowledge of proper first aid kept Mr Wood alive. Mr Wood started breathing again shortly before the paramedics arrived at the scene.

Mr Feely to the press: “It was entirely unexpected when it happened. I simply knew what to do without having to think twice about it. I realised that he wasn’t breathing so I had to breathe for him.”

He said he knew that respiratory arrest needs immediate attention since it will normally lead to cardiac arrest if nothing is done.

Ever since he was a little boy, Mr Feely is volunteering with the charity of St John Ambulance. Now he is urging people in Leeds to learn first aid and to become lifesavers: “My motto is, something is better than nothing. That’s what I try to instil in people – that doing something rather than nothing can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved. People do often not know what to do but having that bit of confidence can go a long way.”

Mr Feely is now encouraging anybody in Leeds to get first aid training. BX Medical provides first aid courses in Exeter.

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