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Cruises and More

To be honest, previously I didn’t really think highly of cruises.

The many times where some of my friends went on a cruise and following them posting frantically about it on social media, I had the impression that cruise ships are really just like large shopping malls on the waves.

Nothing which I consider interesting or fun by a long shot.

Yet, I need to revise my previous opinion about vacation cruises. This last summer, I had the opportunity to go on a cruise to Mexico with ma family. We made it to Cancun, Puerta Vallarta and Cabos San Lucas and could also squeeze a short exclusion to Cozumel in. Needless to say, it was an amazing holiday where we had a lot of fun. Although I am still thinking that cruise liners are really a gigantic shopping mall where someone wants to take your money wherever you go, we he also had a blast on the ship.

During the day, there was a whole lot to “do”, and with that I mean that we spend most of the time in one of the several large swimming pools on board including one with a giant slide. They also had an arcade and of course several bars and restaurants in the ship where we could enjoy top-notch food and drink.

But the fun in the sun during the day on the ship didn’t come close to the cool fun that was going on on the cruise at night courtesy The Singing Waiters which were on the cruise ship as well. We had several Karaoke nights which were a blast, and there was always good music in their “Cruiser Club”. So, in hindsight I don’t really think it was that bad!